Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Nokia CEO Sees Possible Gains From Huawei Tensions

Asked about the regulatory issues facing Huawei, he explained:"Maybe there's long term chance but over that, it is difficult to say now."

Analysts expect Nokia and its own Swedish peer reviewed Ericsson to Gain from tensions between the USA and Huawei, the biggest supplier of cellular network technologies.

After it failed to provide 5G gear in time nokia last month reported that a surprise loss.

Suri confessed the company was somewhat slow in receiving 5G technology ready to go, mentioning merging its technology programs with those of obtained Alcatel-Lucent consequently.

"We're late in 5G with a few weeks to a month or two," Suri advised the Finnish firm's yearly shareholder meeting.

Nokia said it has won 5G contract because it reported first-quarter earnings to one business.

"We're winning prices and rolling out a few of the world's very first 5G networks," Suri said.

"We have 37 5G commercial contracts - 20 with termed customers such as T-Mobile, AT&T, STC, and Telia - and over half of these include wider portfolio components which our competitors cannot match," he added.

Suri told investors that he remained convinced that the company would reach its own yearly advice. Nokia replicated its prediction for operating margin of 9-12 percent, and 2019 diluted earnings per share of 25-29 euro cents.
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