Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Election Outcomes 2019: Google Bharti Partner on YouTube to Live Stream Outcomes

Google and prasar Bharati have joined hands for the election outcomes day on May 23, supplying state polls on YouTube and a flow of the verdict of the Lok Sabha.

Google and Prasar Bharati will observe the largest festival of Christianity on May 23 by developing a dedicated live flow of the outcomes on YouTube, Prasar Bharati officials stated.

"What will happen is whenever anyone accesses YouTube from everywhere in India either via the site of Youtube or via the YouTube Program, the very first thing they will see on top is going to be a news flow from DD News upgrading the outcomes," Prasar Bharati Shashi Shekhar Vempati explained.

"It is going to be a type of a landing display. As soon as you click that it'll be a YouTube station of DD news. Aside from that, the window may also have the choice of live flow of 14 additional DD regional channels of various languages," he explained.

This may provide a great deal of visibility since it's been seen that for the hours there's a good deal of chaos and incorrect reporting into the broadcaster concerning the vote count that's credible and authentic, Vempati explained.

"Therefore, what this can guarantee is that the public broadcaster's tally is visible to anyone accessing YouTube. It's a considerable step concerning bringing election outcomes digitally, in various languages and ensuring that the origin is the most accurate in India," he stated, adding it is a first of a kind tie-up involving Google and Prasar Bharati.
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