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Top 15+ Amazing Fact About India: A Beautiful Country

Hello friends, I'm going to tell you today about Top 15+ Amazing Fact About India  interesting facts about India in hindi.

India: A Beautiful country
India is a prosperous country in which many issues are spoken. And people of many religions live there. Despite having so many religions and languages, India is an integral part of India. India's cultural heritage is very rich. The culture here is unique. If you know those facts, then definitely tell us by commenting.

Top 10 Amazing Fact About India:

The largest postal network in India is in such a post office in Srinagar, which is the floating post office in Dal Lake and it started in 2011. The floating post office was first started in India. In 2011, in Kumbh fair, there was a crowd of people from all over the world that this crowd was seen from space. This fact makes India more famous.
2) Chayal in India is a place in Himachal Pradesh where there is also a Military School. In this, at the altitude of 2,444 meters, it is the highest cricket ground in the whole world, it makes India wonder.
3)In September 2009, a satellite called Chandrayaan of India, discovered the first time on the surface of the Moon with the help of Moon's Mineralogy Mapper. The whole world was shocked.
4) In India, Hindi is the most spoken after Hindi. India is the 24th country in the world where most of the English is spoken. And the Englishman said that we do not have English.
5)Bihar, which is far behind in the field of education today, the world's first university was open in 700 BC, from which thousands of students studied spread the scent of the country in the world's corners.
6)Agra is famous for Petha, but Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World which was built by the Mughal ruler Shah Jahan in the memory of his wife Mumtaz. It spreads its beauty all over the world.
7)The chest of whom Chess says that this game has made its place all over the world, its invention was only in India, it was known in India as' Chaturanga Sanskrit 'which means' Four members of an army '. Nothing is also the gift of India, which is using the whole world today,
8) there has been a lot of development of mathematics in India.
9)India is ranked seventh in the list of the largest size countries in the world Is not number. And the second in the population.

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